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How to increase the life of the mattress?

How to increase the life of the mattress?

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- Welcome sleep to check regularly vacuum cleaners. This causes the dust amidst the foam and springs have gone out.
- It also avoids sweeping of allergy and dust, particles and dirt and dead skin cells and any bugs that had penetrated the mattress you will get.

- Of course, careful not to wake Sweepers good mattress should use special series and a series of vacuum cleaners with carpet, curtains did not sweep or ceramics.
- If your mattress is a member, to avoid wear and tear every once in a while it's 180 degrees and in the meantime it upside down.

- If the mattress is a double blow with calm can help to maintain it. It is also possible upside down and twisting double mattresses. But it is better not do it alone. For double mattresses are very heavy.
- Try mattress carefully and consider moving some of your points. For example, to move the mattress is better than a blanket and do not push it on the floor or not.
- Better use of protective mats or covers. Because of this protection, which usually are waterproof to prevent smudging and helps maintain its shape. You can wash your cover or fantasy protective mats for clean, somewhat comfortable.
- The use of cover to prevent dust and the mattress tissue.
- Never let children sleep by jumping on the good use of it as a mesh Acrobat. This makes spring or foam mattresses wiped out or have to be delivered.
- While the property may skip spring mattresses for children on mattresses injury to children.
- Be careful when you move the mattress cover or not cover torn mattresses. Because they may be out of foam or springs from the site of the tear. The film or membrane rupture top mattress to mattress gives an unpleasant face.

- Make sure the mattress fits the size of your bed purchase. To buy a mattress for a bed with a width of 180 working width 160 is unreasonable. But it has been observed that some buyers are doing it. Buy a mattress with a non-standard size mattress on the bed moves and causes the protection to be worn.
- Never bring food and drink Do not sleep on the bed. Because if you have to wash it and pour the food and drink on the mattress otherwise the mats smell of food.
- Welcome sleeping mats wash, and if forced to do the hard work to do it in consultation with the seller or an expert.
- Occasional mattress without a protective cover and place in the sun. This will cause your mattress is microbial enumeration.
- In the case of bottling sure the mattress and the mattress where you want with wipes clean with a blow-dry. Stay wet rugs harms not only to health, but it can not take the smell mattresses.

- The zipper and buttons and cover to protect the mattress and in case of objection to these parts act quickly to fix or replace the zipper. Because you have to replace or wash the cover and protection that is in trouble.
- Try not touch the mattress high chemical mints. Because it may harm your mattress. In addition, some of these mints may cause some sensitivity for you. Because they are in direct contact with your body.

Date: 11/27/2016
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